The summer show season has been absolutely bonkers lately and as the heat rises, so does the quality of show. To start the busy season we did another awesome year at Summer Solstice in Milwaukee Wi. Only a few blocks from the Division House, these shows are some of the best we do. J.j. Flairty at height!

With all the new fancy photo editing and camera tricks out there, this photo stands out as raw, aggressive, and energized, just like our shows. Brian Fitch in the lead, Brandon Schill doing a nac nac, Jeff Dohwen about to jump, and J.j. Flairty blasting the quarter. Look at that flag in the background, it was a windy day and we still got it done!

Rob Routley has been battling injury and a full time job lately, so it’s nice to have him back in the Mill. Barspin at height in front of Team Photographer Cookie’s Lens. Amazing work boys, can’t wait for next year!

Division Bmx has been Milwaukee’s best kept entertainment secret for a long time and because some tours do not have stops in Milwaukee, it is such a thrill that Monster Jam Freestyle Mania has come through town to show the fans a good time. We are proud to represent Milwaukee Bmx scene on a national level as well as promote Bmx to people that have not witnessed it before.

Aerial view courtesy of Alex Landareos’facebook page. The kid has taken a newfound interest in photography and with his creative mind I’m sure good things will come.

Division friend Cody doing a dead body on a quad. 75 feet is nothing to laugh at and I’ve said it before, these shows are unbelievable. Check out the schedule and we will be shredding Jersey in no time!

Easily one of the best action sports events to ever hit Milwaukee was last weekends Generation Evel at the Harley-Davidson Museum. Superstars from every facet of BMX were there strutting their stuff for the Milwaukee patrons. Division was invited and ridaz J.J. Flairty (pictured) Mykel Larrin, jason “Tippy” Minor and Tim Knoll participated as the home town contingent.

Drew Bezanson came all the way from Nova Scotia to participate in the shows. Check out how much stuff is going down in this picture. Dark Custom take off ramp, check. Vietnam 2 1/2 ton 6 wheeler, check. Cannon ball at height with awesome background, check.

Nate Wessel not only built the ramps but also shredded them into toothpicks. Nac-nac seat grab by one of the few individuals that can make anything look burly. Yeah Nate!

BMX icon Mike “Rooftop” Escamilla thrilled the crowd with his antics and tricks. Full commitment nosepick on the back-railing under the watchful eye of Division announcer Micah Kranz. Check him out on LA Ink this whole season.

Here is a nice overview of the course. All pics taken by Dave Friemuth.

Location:Milwaukee WI

Having ridden bikes for the better half of his 38 years, Jaimy Spritzer has done it all. He has had the major sponsors, watched BMX evolve and die and be reborn. He has ridden shows, contests, and everything in between. It is an honor to have him ride Division shows and bring his aggressiveness to the table
He is also the king of raditude. (looking somone in the eyes while doing a trick.) Jaimy, 360 downside can-can, full raditude!

The shows were at Bike Line in Naperville and they have had Bmx teams at their shop for years. Division was proud to be a part of such great history and will be back again next year. Mykel Larrin 360 one hand pointer with raditude.

Kevin Porter has been a longtime Division supporter and for the third year in a row has ridden the Bike Line show. Kevin has been at the top of the game for years and ridden shows for even longer It was rad to see Kevin jumping the box once again. Thank you bike line!!!

Location:Naperville Il

It’s not often that shows go down three blocks from the Division headquarters, but when they do it turns into a free-for-all on the box jump. All the heavy hitters were in attendence and flaunting their moves for the fashionable Milwaukee crowd. Mykel Larrin pictured doing a super-whip.

Koji Kraft is a world champion. You really can’t say that about a lot of people. He is highly skilled, doesn’t get the credit he is deserved, and might be the best show rider ever. Straight Indian.

Rollie Flasch has boost. In his first show of the summer he came out blasting. This is him with the kindness of keeping his face in the picture frame. When this photo was popped, he was still rising in the air. The shows were unreal. Thank you cans bar and Canteen!

Location:Milwaukee WI